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Dariya Kuznik & Daniel Bongard

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Dariya Kužnik

Teacher: Liquid Flow, Watsu 1, Woga 1-2, Ai Chi, Watsu & Meditation, Watsu & Breathing

Practitioner: WATA

Student of: Oceanic Bodywork Aqua, Dolphin Dance, Healing Dance, Prenatal Journey

Other Modalities:

-The Journey accredited practitioner

-Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection practitioner

-Laughter Yoga teacher

-Women’s group Facilitator (by Awakening Women Institute)

-Facilitator of Dance Space

Student of:

-Nonviolent communication, Reiki level 2, Thai Yoga massage, Lomi-Lomi, Ayurvedic massage, Clinical Hypnotherapy  (5 levels), Drunvalo’s School of Remembering

I was born in Slovenia. Looking for deeper meaning in life, brought me to the International Township of Auroville, South India, where I live since 1991 and became a mother in 1992.

Since my late teens, I have been learning and growing through body work, movement exploration & meditation. I got deeply connected and active with the beauty and possibilities of growth and connections through water work, since 2001. 

I believe that we people are very much into doing, not taking enough time for being. This is why I am attempting to create spaces on land (Dance space, Women Temple…) and in water for others and myself to simply be and deepen and  unfold moment to moment, being again and again touched by witnessing the openings and transformation through which we move in such intimate spaces...

I feel grateful that my work and what I love are one…

  Daniel Bongard
• Primary and Secondary school teacher
• Physical Education teacher
• Body Centered Psychotherapist IKP
• Body Centered Breath Therapist IKP

• WATSU®, WATA® and Liquid Flow Practitioner
• Certified Aquatic Bodyworker
• Teacher of Liquid Flow Basic and Essence

After spending the first 45 years of my life in Switzerland, being mainly a teacher and during the last 10 years also an aquatic bodyworker, love and life brought me to Auroville, the international township in South India.
Since the very first time I came to Auroville, I was offering water sessions at Quiet Healing Center and for some time also exploring the possibilities of work in the water with physically and mentally disabled village children.
Together with Dariya we are in the process of developing and teaching “our own” form of bodywork in water called Liquid Flow Basic and Essence (intermediate).
I am happy to share the activity I love the most as my daily work. It makes me deeply grateful and gives me a feeling of coming home.

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