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Learning Program


Requirement from January 2010 to be registered on the WABA registry 

as a Watsu India - WABA practitioner

Students who started their certification program from 01.01.2010 onwards will be recognized worldwide as a Watsu practitioner as soon as the following requirements are fullfilled


Basic Watsu & OBA Introduction or Basic Liquid Flow

Hours    27


Watsu 1

Hours   50


Shiatsu for watsu

Hours   50


Meditation for watsu

Hours   15


Breathing for watsu

Hours   15


OBA 1 - fluid body for watsuer

Hours   25

Give minimum 5-10 sessions between Watsu 1 and Watsu 2 (not more than 3 to the same person/receiver). Receive minimum 2-3 sesssions from a Watsu practitioner 1 supervision between Watsu 1 and Watsu 2 (or a demostration of mastery of Watsu 1 to be given to a WABA recognized teacher or assistant)


Watsu 2 (expanded flow)

Hours  50


Anatomy for Aquatic Bodyworker

Hours  50


Tantsu or Bodywork on land

Hours  50


Electives classes

Hours 100


Liquid Flow Essence (50 hours)
OBA 2 - oceanic body (60 hours)
All other WABA recognised courses (see www.watsu.com)


It is also highly recommended to audit (repeat) one or two of any water course (such as Watsu 1 or Watsu 2). Minimum total electives and audits


Give minimum 10-15 sessions between Watsu 2 and Watsu 3 (not more than 3 to the same person/receiver)
Receive minimum 5-8 sessions from a Watsu practitioner


Demostration of Mastery of Watsu 2 to a recognized WABA teacher before applying for a Watsu 3 course

Hours    2


Watsu 3

Hours   50


Adapted Watsu

Hours   25


Inner Watsu (Watsu India Team)

Hours   50

Give a hands-on session to a recognized WABA teacher after Watsu 3 - Provide the CPR certificate

Hours     2



Hours 563

This learning program is estimated to be completed in about 3 years.

Continuing training: after completing the certification process, 50 hours of training is required every 3 years to keep the practitioner status valid

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