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OBA 3 (Oceanic Bodywork Aqua)


OBA 3 (Oceanic Bodywork Aqua) 

We will review the movements learned in OBA 1 & 2 and deepen the use of your intuition during a water session.

You will also be introduced to the latest, more complex techniques and discover the benefits for a client to receive a series of sessions in order to experience the deep, intense sensation of the 'aquatic body wave'.

Within a safe space of love and protection, time will be offered to deepen your personal growth and to continue your journey back to your origins... into the endless depths of your inner ocean.

This high-level course is offered by Nirvano Schulz, the founder of Oceanic Bodywork, earlier also known as Oceanic-Aqua-Balancing or Aqua Wellness.

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