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Watsu 1 and OBA 1

Watsu 1 & OBA 1 

An intensive 10-day course (with a one day break after 6 days) on the surface as well as under water.

In the first stage of Watsu 1, you learn Watsu's Tai Chi-like basic movements and positions and how you, while staying grounded and connected with your partner's breath, can let the water do the work. In its regular return to the Water Breath Dance position, you will find the stillness that is the basis of presence.
In the second stage, you learn to connect these basic movements and positions with long, gracefully flowing transitions into the Transition Flow. You learn to adapt this work to people of all sizes, shapes, and dispositions. You learn about your own body mechanics and how to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible.
On land, you will be introduced to both Co-Centering and Tantsu, and explore and share what being held means to you and others.
Oceanic Bodywork Aqua (OBA) combines soft stretching, massage, joint release as well as energy and breath work in a unique way above and below water. Oceanic Bodywork Aqua 1 (OBA 1) focuses mainly on underwater movements, which are both deeply relaxing and revealing.
Especially designed movements allow the whole spine to swing and let the energy flow again. Because of the weightlessness of the body in water, the radius of joint movements becomes wider and the whole body can be moved in a playful and new way. Chronic physical pain as well as emotional tensions can be released. This form of therapy invites you to experience a completely unique way of healing in water and undertake a journey back to your origins, into the endless depth of your inner ocean.
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