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Watsu for Babies


Watsu® for Babies

Watsu for Babies is a beautiful and spontaneous way of experiencing the first childhood years and is open to all those who would like to share the joy of being in water with their own child.In this course you will learn to discover that the emotions, which arise from a spontaneous movement in water, open extraordinary borders and allow us to live in the present, here and now, simply listening to the breath of the child, both supported by the healing power of water.

Through some exercises from Tantsu and Ai-Chi, you learn to listen to yourself and to the baby you hold in your arms. You will also learn the possible transfers of the Watsu sequence in order to expand it in a creative way for babies.

Thanks to the collaboration of Gianni De Stefani, certified WABA teacher, Dr. Riccardo Palumbo has been able to develop a new massage, which is introduced in this course to bring Watsu into the world of babies.

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