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According to a legend one of the very first Yogi's name was Matsyendra, better known as the "Fish-Man". It tells that Shiva was teaching the science of Yoga to his wife, the Goddess Parvati, on the seaside, but she did not pay much attention, while a fish was observing with an expression of great curiosity. When Shiva saw the remarkable interest of the fish for Yoga, he decided to splash it with water, after which it immediately assumed a divine appearance; hence the name Matsyendra, Lord of the Fishes (matsya = fish - Indra = Lord).

Apart from myths and legends, practicing Yoga in water may be one of the most natural and simple things. The positions and principles of Hatha Yoga fit marvelously with the water ambience. 

Together with Asanas (static positions) there is Pranayama, i.e. the breath control and regulation. Water makes movements smooth, releases the articulations, lengthens and loosens up muscles, gives better psycho-physical balance and improves the capacity for concentration. 

To work in water is also very useful as it removes negative tensions and prevents stress, anxiety and insomnia. You do not need any particular qualification to work in the swimming-pool. It is also not essential to be able to swim as the exercises are made standing or sitting on the pool's floor, or floating with the help of some support aids. Practicing Water Yoga makes it even possible to overcome water fear.

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